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Who Are We?

When opposites attract, something magical happens and anything seems possible. This is how we began.

Michael is a do-it-yourself entrepreneurial type, with a penchant for gadgets and tech, who is constantly coming up with new ideas.

Hoa is a free spirit who loves delicious food, is quality-conscious and is a detail-oriented perfectionist.

Together, we created Denmark’s first ever Glass Hut. Our contrasting personalities and skills united for the project, which now sits on our beautiful plot of land in the Lolland Alps.

We strive to leave our guests in awe of every detail during their stay in The Glass Hut. It is our personal vision of a modern adventure getaway, where luxury and nature come together to create a unique experience.

LAG Lolland-Flaster has provided support to Lolland’s ‘The Glass Hut’

The purpose of Lolland’s new holiday home The Glass Hut, is to create a recreational forest area where visitors can experience nature and stay in the wild to improve their mental and physical wellbeing. The project is one of the first of many in our bid to promote the benefits of outdoor living and wilderness experiences that are on offer in Lolland at present.